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THINK I CARE - par District Eleven - mai 2003
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THINK I CARE has to be one of the best bands in hardcore right now. They are heavy and angry hardcore that doesn't fuck around. I decided to throw some questions at Shawn and see what was up...

How did you get involved in hardcore?

Me and jason (our singer) started by listening to bands like Black Flag and the Misfits and things just kind of went from there. when we started ahnging out with Joe and Aaron they told us what to buy and shit.

What were some of the first hardcore records that you can remember getting really psyched about?

Like I said at frist it was Black Flag and the Misfits then Negative Approach, Fit For Abuse, DYS, Negative FX. I was scared the first time I heard Infest.

What have been some memorable shows you have gone to over the years?

We used to have shows at this place called the Berwick in boston they were always really fun. One of my favorite shows was Close Call, Shark Attack and FFA at the middle East all great bands.

Were any of you guys in other bands before Think I Care?

Joe and Aaron were in this band Guillotine and Joe was in FFA. This is Jason and my first band.

Could you run through the history of Think I Care for those of us who might not know too much about the band?

Me and Jason just started playing with Aaron. At first Jason played bass and sung then Joe came in to sing. Then Jason switched places with him now he sings. That is the lineup for our two 7"'s.

Where did the name come from?

We had trouble finding a name that we liked. But Aaron came up with it, I have no idea where he gotit from. I liked it cause it was in a Last Rights sing.

What kind of sound were you guys shooting for? I hear some Infest influence in the records...

Yeah we were definately influenced by Infest. Other shit too though, lots of old Boston stuff.

A lot of TIC songs boil with a hatred about certain kids in the hardcore have you witnessed the hardcore scene change over the years? What are some things that you can't stand about it? What are some great aspects of it?

It seems like kids move from one trend to another, I don't know. I don't like how people just decide to hate a band without checking them out. Like some people only like bands that are on big labels and some people only like bands that are not on big labels. I think people should just listen to what they like and not worry about what is cool. I think that sadly hardcore is kid of like high school in a lot of ways and I just try to stay as far from that sort of shit as i can. As far as great aspects sometimes you come across great people, bands, zines etc. and it helps you to stay into it.

How do you feel about kids who are seem to more interested in collecting merch and rare vinyl than listening to the actual music and the message?

I think that it is definately lame, I mean who would say that that wasn't lame, but it definately does happen

Are there any amusing anecdotes you would care to share about TIC shows you have played over time?

We played some show in the south with XFilesX on tour and it was a long frustrating ordeal. Anyway Brendan from XFIlesX did all his on stage talking in a southern accent and the shit that he said was priceless. Just taunting them on and on. I don't know we've played some really good shows and some that were laughable.

Does the fact that Joe is in Fit For Abuse and RNR in addition to playing bass for TIC get in the way of practicing or playing shows?

Issues do come up but we deal with it. It has yet to become a problem. We are all really close friends.

You guys seem to constantly play with XfilesX, Say Goodbye, and you find that to get tiring or do those shows actually end up being more successful as a result of the similarity between the bands and the kind of kids they bring in? How do those shows compare to shows that you play with bands that don't exactly fit your style, like shows with Bridge Nine bands and stuff?

No, I don't find it tiring. I mean it is always good to play with new bands but all those bands you listed are our friends and it is great to play with them. We like to play with bands that don't fit our style too. We've played quite a bit with the Suicide File, they're def not our style but, it has worked out well.

When is the new LP coming out?

It should be out sometime in June I would guess. there is no offical release date yet.

What should we expect in comparison to the previous records?

The record has a more variation in tempo. There are slower songs and it has better production. I think that it is heads and tails better.

Do you guys plan on touring in support of the record this summer? Will you guys be playing Posi Fest again?

We are going to tour in August sometime. I'm not sure where exactly yet. We are going to play fairly consistantly throughout the summer. About posi fest, I'm not sure yet. we sent him a tape of our new record he hasn't told us yet. It would be cool to play there again. last year was fun.

Have yous gotten shit for selling shirts that have a drawing of nuns hanging from gallows on them?

No one at shows has given us any shit about it yet. People have told us about lots of dirty looks and comments they get about it for people just in the everyday world.

Rumors there any truth to the story that you guys beat the fuck out of some kid in NJ because he was talking shit about your band?

I would say that "beating the fuck" out of him was a bit of a stretch but yeah there was a fight between us and some kid from Jersy. He did more than just talk shit about us though. People can say whatever they want about our band, we don't give a fuck, but if someone starts threatening us and calling us out that is a different story. People made a big deal about it but whatever. I think people should stand by what they say and if you keep antagonizing someone on the internet or in person don't be suprised if they strike out at you. Why should you any more shit from a hardcore kid than you would someone else?

What area of Mass are you from? Why do you guys call it "Toy Town"?

We are from a town called Winchendon in North cenral mass (about an hour from Boston). Our town is nicknamed toy town so we just picked up on it and used it.

What is there to do for fun / work when you're not playing or going to shows?

There is not much to do were we live. 3 of us go to a community college full time and Jason works at some factory in the shipping department. We all hang out, watch movies, liftweights, you know typical stuff.


I would say GI Joes.

Freddy vs. Jason - who will win?

I just hope they both die so my friends won't drag me to any more of their movies.

Any last comments, shout-outs, fuck yous?

Thanks for the interview. Look out for our LP this summer. Read Town of Hardcore fanzine.



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