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DEDICATION - par District Eleven - décembre 2001
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Here is an interview that I conducted through email with Eric from The Dedication. IF you haven't heard of them, check out their site,, and their new EP on "Deathwish Inc". Lots of thanks to Eric for doing the interview.

Who is in The Dedication? How did you form?

The Dedication is a hardcore band from Boston. We formed in 1999 when Make It Last ended, me and Rich joined those kids and started The Dedication in the summer '99

How would you describe The Dedication's sound?

Melodically driven hardcore.
Tell us a little about Youth Murder Anthems and working with the new label Deathwish Inc.
Deathwish Inc. is so great to us, we love them so much. It was definitely the best move for us. I couldn't ask for anything more than what Jake and Tre have given us so far.

What have been some highlights of playing shows? Any interesting stories?

Just getting to tour the country and meet new kids and make new friends everywhere. We still keep in contact with all of our friends that we met out there. It is such a great experience. When we played Chicago, Larry threw cereal and then grape jelly all over me.

What do you guys want to achieve with this band?

We just want to play our hearts out and be able to share our music with everyone who is up for giving us a chance and hearing us out.

Any future plans for touring?

We are touring the east coast down to Florida this winter. Next summer we want to do six weeks of the US. Probably two - three week tours.

Who is the biggest heartbreaker in the band?

Rich!!! He sings about girls!!!

Any other comments?

Thanks for doing this interview with us and thanks to all the kids who have supported us thus far.



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