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ENSIGN - par Rok - mars 1999
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Rok: You had any lineup changes?

Ryan: Yeah, we had. We have this lineup for about a year and a half. And I've been in the band for two years. Before I was in the bend, there were Tim and Nate. They had our original guitar player John. He left the band, a year and a half ago for school, he's gonna be a teacher, that's how we got McKenzie. They kicked their drummer out two years ago, and asked me to join. It's been this way for a year and a half. Pretty strong lineup now.

Rok: Where are you from?

Ryan: We're from New jersey. Actually myself, I'm from Seattle. Everyone else is from New jersey. I just ended up moving out four years ago. Hook up with those guys two years ago. We say we're from New jersey.

Rok: What have you released?

Ryan: There's the first 7" that came out a couple of years ago on
Indecision records. I wasn't on that. There was another 7" on Indecision
records. That was the first thing I ever did. That came out almost two years
ago. We have than two full length LP's. One on Indecision records that came out
about a year and a half ago, and one brand new, that came out this week. That's
on Nitro records.

Rok: How's Dexter?

Ryan: (LAUGHS) Truly, I have never met him. I guess he's good though.

Rok: How come you're touring with Sick of it all?

Ryan: We toured the states with them before. We play with them every now and
than. We're pretty good friends. They asked us, if we want to come with them.
We were like "Yeah, definitely!". We got really excited and we are
really happy they brought us over here.

Rok: How do you like the European tour?

Ryan: It's all good. A lot of fun. I've been here like two times before. We
were here last april. And I was here with my old band, like four years ago.
This tour has been the best. We have five more shows to do in Italy, France
and Spain.

Rok: Is New jersey a part of New York scene?

Ryan: No. It's close. Like our singer actually lives in New York City. And I do too. We even practice
in New York.

Rok: But, are the scenes separated?

Ryan: No, it's so close.

Rok: Thanks for the interview.

Ryan: Thank you.

Rok: You have anything else to say?

Ryan: Check out our new record on Nitro. We'll be back touring Europe.



Raein Emo / Screamo (Italie)
Seekers of the Truth Hardcore (France)
NRA Hardcore (Pays-Bas)
Stupid Karate Punk-Hardcore (France)
Happy Go Licky Emo / Screamo (Etats-Unis)
Mad Sin Psychobilly (Allemagne)
Jughead's Revenge Punk-Hardcore (Etats-Unis)