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EARTH CRISIS - par XMixleplik First - décembre 1999
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M: What's in store for Earth Crisis beyond 2000?

K: We're going to be recording a 10 or 12 song full length hopefully in February and that will be out in early summer and there will be a tour to support that.

M: What label will you be on?

K: We're still sorting out our options. We've got three labels that have been showing alot of interest in us and we're negotiating with them.

M: Can you tell me who they are?

K: I'd rather not, I don't know who we are going to go with yet, one's a punk label, one's a metal label and one's a hardcore label.

M: Comment on your new vocal delivery.

K: Basically what we're doing now is a modernized version of All Out War style and we recorded a four song pre-production tape this summer or in the late spring and we did a tour with Misfits and we played those songs every night and kids seemed to be into it and everyone seems to be into the tape we played, it makes it more fun for us to always do something different.

M: Do you think there's a large segment of people that miss hearing your message because of your vocal style?

K: Yeah, and that's actually why we're kind of returning to the All Out War delivery with a mixture of like singing and hip hop and spoken word with the screaming, hopefully we'll get it to the point where we won't even have to have a lyric sheet...that's our goal. Cause a lot of kids don't want to really read lyrics and if it's right there and the words are decipherable I think it's going to have a better impact, alot quicker.

M: I understand your goal is to get your message out to as many people as possible.

K: Exactly, and we'll stay true to form you know Earth Crisis will always play aggressive music.

M: Alot of my friends don't listen to hardcore and I'm like "Check these guys out," and they hear it and are like "I don't even know what he's saying."

K: We did a record last year that came out on Roadrunner called Breed the Killers and it has a straightedge song, two anti-drug songs. We re-did an old one which is about the environment being destroyed by people who care more about money than wildlife habitats. And also there's a song called Ultramilitance which is about direct action for animal liberation, and when you take the cd out of the tray there's a five paragraph essay about veganism.

M: What do you do in your free time besides band related stuff?

K: Skating, snowboarding, cycling but we pretty much tour full time and we've been working on this album for maybe almost a year now we've got alot of songs written.

M: So you do still skateboard?

K: Yeah I do

M: How do you like being a familyman?

K: It's awesome I always have been.

M: What bands have you been listening to lately?

K: Madball, Merauder, Skarhead, Hatebreed, Vision of Disorder, Buried Alive, Cold as Life, Eternal Youth, Machine Head, Sepultura, and Turmoil. Basically I'm into metal and aggressive hardcore.

M: How do you think America's been influenced by the media's interpretation of veganism and straightedge?

K: I think when we had our interviews on CNN, 48 Hours, ABC News, MTV, and Brazilian National Television, things came out crystal clear, definitely, and it helped turn alot of people on to the ideas by exposing them to concepts that they weren't aware of before. Like the CNN program that we were a part of they did a documentary piece on straightedge that reached millions and millions of peole it was played worldwide I think eight times in total.

M: What about the America's Most Wanted one?

K: I really think that Walsh understood what was going on because he said not all straightedge people are violent, but I think the lines were somewhat blurred between the fighting and the direct action for animal liberation and I don't think it was made clear to the public as to why people are enraged about what's happening to animals in fur farms and vivisectionist's laboratories. So it would be kind of confusing for them and they might not see those actions as the positive things that they truely are. But I think they did try to be fair, I do. And the lyrics to Ultramilitance were on the screen so that's definately a success.

M: What alternatives can be used in your opinion to develope medicines and vaccines without using animals?

K: Test on people who are in the final stages of being killed by cancer or other diseases who would be willing to try experimental drugs which are being developed and are in the early stage of being perfected, that would ultimately save alot more human lives alot faster than going through years of animal testing and then trying it out on human beings.

M: On Real TV there was a videtaped ALF raid on a laboratory in which they freed many caged doves and destroyed vaccine research. The woman in carge of the vaccine research development called them cowards and said they destroyed millions of dollars of cancer vaccine research.

K: The truth is is that while they're wasting time destroying the lives of helpless animals there's millions of people who are loosing their lives because the cure isn't being rushed to them. And even if worse came to worse and a person gave it a shot and let's say things worsened for them or they died I'm sure the scientists or doctors could look and figure what went wrong and from there alter it.

M: What do you think will happen on 12/31/99?

K: I don't know, I don't know, but I'm prepared to defend myself and the people that I care about and what's mine.

M: Did you graduate college?

K: Yes I did, I went to a two year school and studied history. I did really well in college alot better than in high school, I did well in high school but towards the end I had trouble staying interested.

M: What jobs besides the band have you worked?

K: I was a cook at a vegetarian restaurant and...ten second pause a janitor.

M: Have all other band members always been straightedge like yourself?

K: No, some of them had problems with drugs and alcohol and they turned things around for themselves.

M: By getting into the band?

K: Before they got into the band.

M: You sing alot about it but you've never done drugs yourself. Some people say you have to have done it to know the damage it does.

K: I think the thing for me is I saw alot of people who I really cared about when I was younger destroying themselves and making things rough for their families because of their alcohol or drug addictions. One of my friends, Larry, he was a alcoholic for almost twenty years and he died because his liver just couldn't take it anymore. I've never taken a drag off a cigarette or drank a beer or experimented with any drugs but I know what happens when people become addicts because I've witnessed it first hand.

M: So you have friends that aren't straightedge?

K: Yeah, most of friends actually aren't straightedge. When I was growing up I was the only straightedge person I knew for like four and a half years

M: So you pretty much started the scene there?

K: Yeah me and other peole together.

M: With so much enthusiasm for the song The Order That Shall Be why don't you play it more often?

K: Because that song came out on an animals rights benefit compilation for a man whose been jailed for sinking two whaling ships in Iceland that honestly very few people bought because I don't think it was promoted as well as it could have been. They did as good of a job as they could for it but it just honestly didn't reach enough people to play the song to a crowd every night and just have twenty kids go off and the rest of the people be like "Hey, what was that?"

M: That song rules!

K: Thanks I'm glad you liked it, I like the song too, but I just think it's cool to leave it there on the comp and keep it special and let kids who want to go back in time and discover it you know.

M: Thanks alot for your time.

K: Ok cool.

Interview by XMixleplik First off this interview was done for the sole purpose of contributing something to this page. I like to thank Guav and Dennis for helping me make this happen as well as Karl from the band for taking the time to do this. I interviewed Karl during the Misfits set at Lupo's in Rhode Island on December 5th 1999.



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