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EARTH CRISIS - par Lexi de Broken Silence zine - juin 2000
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pxf: Your new CD has shown a big change in your songs I think. It sounds a little bit like Machine Head or Fear Factory. With the melodic vocal parts…

Karl: We're doin' our own thing. Basically I returned to my original vocal ideas like on our early recordings. With spoken word styles, screaming, melodic singing mixed all together. We've always had melodic guitar parts but never vocals that match to it but now with our melodic singing parts, it makes the music more dynamic and the breakdown parts have more power now.

pxf: It's the mixture of it. It's very experimental.

Karl: Definetily. We always like to do something new and try something different.

pxf: Did your style change ? Like on the photo you wear leather jackets and your hair is different. Is it just for the photo or did you change your style?

Karl: These were synthetic leather jackets. We dress like this at home but not on tour because we don't want to ruin our good clothes.

pxf: On your old releases there were explanations to the CD. There's nothing on this release.

Karl: We only had two or three essays out of seven releases. It's not something that we need to do on every album. Only when we think it's needed. The theme of the new album is about how cloning and genetic-engineering and mind-control experiments on animals and robotic machinery are gonna change the world. It's gonna change how people do their banking, how they communicate with each other, how they work, farming, and more things like that. I think in the decades to come we'll live to see new animals created specifically to suit human needs. You know things like increased milk and egg production.

pxf: But wouldn't that be the solution ?

Karl: You know there are good things that can be done. To help people with health, but there are also scary things and that's what we talk about. I like technology. I like tape-recorders and cars, but cars can be made of stainless steel and be powered by electricity. Theirs waste and structure things would have a lower impact on the environment.

pxf: On the cover of your album, that are genetic experiments ?

Karl: No. What the image symbolizes is that, you know a heart is associated with strength and a snake with evil. The snake is trying to coil surround it but the heart is still intact. I see a lot of negativity and evil in the world and I try to get through it.

pxf: What about hardline straight edge ? You think that non-s.e.-persons are worse than s.e.-persons ?

Karl: People should do what they want. When I was growing up I was the only straight edge person I knew. Everyone who I hang out with was fuckin' hookers, there were alcoholics and druggers. They were definetily creating problems for themselves and I didn't want to go down the drain like the people I grew up with. So I use straight edge to save myself. And I use it to try help others, too. I don't feel that I'm better than people who drink or do drugs. That is something that I do for me. You can't think that you're better than someone else just because you are straight edge. Take a look at how many doctors and scientists save lifes and change the world for the better drink beer or something. It's ridiculous to think that you're better than them for example.

pxf: In another interview with Visions you said you are always angry because there always happen some shitty things in your life.

Karl: It's like I always say. What happens a lot in the history of Earth Crisis was disastrous but we believe in our message and we care about each other as friends and we love playing our music and so we keep going.

pxf: I am angry about things, too. But I try not to get too futuristic with my ideas of changing something in the world.

Karl: There's no need to get into the technical details of it. Over all I have a great time on tour. I love playing with bands like Madball, Skarhead, Hatebreed, Vision of Disorderand, Ignite. That are people who are my friends and I love to be on the road and see them and our new album has been very well received. There's also good stuff going on, too.

pxf: No, I meant that common people have goals like getting a new car or getting the wage for the next month and maybe we have goals like changing the whole world. But you know you can't achieve these goal.

Karl: No, I'm always trying to do my best. There are things that disguss me like using chemical weapons against your own people. War is something that we sing about a lot on our albums.

pxf: So you think a lot about the things happening in the world ?

Karl: Yes,definetily. It comes through in our lyrics.

pxf: Is a song like "Ultramilitance" about your state of mind ?

Karl: One thing that I always try to do with my lyrics is to document history which is not covered by mainstream news media. People like Scott Cody who lives in South Central L.A. who fought drug-dealers that were destroying his community and he's in prison for that right now. Or Rod Corronado, an Earth-Firster who sank two pirate whaling ships. Those people are heroes for me, they try to save lifes. But you won't hear about them in the evening news. And a song like "Firestorm" is about Scott Cody and a song like "Ultramilitance" is about Rod Corronado. That's one thing we also try to do is give them credits for their achievments. History also fascinates me. We have songs like "Unseen holocaust" and "Breed the killers" about white supremacy and crushing other people. That's something that horrifies us, so we try to document that, too. Sometimes I sing like I am a narrator telling a story an sometimes I sing and try to describe what an animal is feeling that lives inside a vivisection laboratory. Sometimes I sing about things I personally believe in like vegan straight edge and that's the only goal of Earth Crisis. We're not out to turn kids into clones or something like that. We're not trying to force them into a mode. We just say how we live and what we think makes sense and if people like that and want to join us it's wonderful. But if they only like our music, and that's what 80% of our fans do, that's good, too. Most of our fans are not vegan straight edge, they're not even hardcore, but they like heavy music and I'm glad that they're there cause they support the band.

pxf: Thanx for taking time



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