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GROUPE : Various Artists
LABEL : R Radical
ANNEE : 09/1984
GENRE : Compil / Split
NOMBRE : 2 disques
P.E.A.C.E. - Compiltation/Split

Nom des morceaux : 1. articles of faith (u.s.) "up against a wall" 2. gism (japan) "endless blockades for the pussyfooter" 3. neon christ (u.s.) "ashes to ashes" 4. kalashnikov (denmark) "schluters kabinet" 5. cause for alarm (u.s.) "time will tell" 6. local disturbance (holland) "no u.s.a." 7. unwarranted trust (canada) "honour's calling" 8. wretched (italy) "mai arrendersi" 9. o.d.f.x. (u.s.) "drop the a bomb on me" 10. afflicted (u.s.) "here come the cops" 11. declino (italy) "inutile trionfo" 12. dicks (u.s.) "hope you get drafted" 13. bgk (holland) "arms race" 14. crass (u.k.) "it's you" 15. upright citizens (w. germany) "swastika ratss" 16. false prophets (u.s.) "banana split republic" 17. mob 47 (sweden) "nuclear attack" 18. offenders (u.s.) "face down in the dirt" 19. contrazione (italy) "sbarre" (bars) 20. scum (canada) "so much hate" 21. los violadores (argentina) "viejos pateticos" 22. deadlock (holland) "sometimes" 23. p.p.g. (u.s.) "will it ever end" 24. trash (u.s.) "peace of what" 25. vicious circle (australia) "police brutality" 26. condemned to death (u.s.) "gartlands pit" 27. negazione (italy) "non mi dire" (don't tell me) 28. doa (canada) "america the beautiful" // 1. dirty rotten imbeciles (u.s.) "snap" 2. porno patrol (w. germany) "jump back" 3. treason (u.s.) "drop out" 4. shit s.a. (spain) "abortos" 5. septic death (u.s.) "silence" 6. ccm (italy) "life of punishment" 7. peggio punx (italy) "no mai" 8. proletariat (u.s.) "an uneasy peace" 9. conflict (u.k.) "bomb" 10. iconoclast (u.s.) "battlefield (nightmare)" 11. pandemonium (holland) "pay for shit" 12. dead kennedys (u.s.) "kinky sex makes the world go round" 13. boskops (w. germany) "skorbut" 14. subhumans (u.k.) "rats" 15. white lie (u.s.) "peace officer" 16. wargasm (holland) "r.a.t./pentagone" 17. slaughterhouse 4 (u.s.) "four more hours" 18. execute (japan) "finale" 19. reagan youth (u.s.) "reagan youth" 20. impact (italy) "the man goes on" 21. butthole surfers (u.s.) "100 million people dead" 22. kangrena (spain) "ataque" 23. porcelain forehead (canada) "will amerika" 24. barely human (u.s.) "no mercy no war" 25. raf punk (italy) "contro la pace contro la guerra" 26. zenzile (so. africa) "moment by moment/exiled shadows" 27. m.d.c. (u.s.) "missle destroyed civilization"

Groupes présents : CRASS, Offenders, Negazione, Conflict, Dead Kennedys, B.G.K., Dicks, D.O.A., MDC, Articles of Faith, D.R.I., Reagan Youth

Sortie le 09/1984



Cockney Rejects Street Punk / Oï (Royaume-Uni)
Gilbert et ses problèmes Punk-Rock (France)
FingerTips Rock'n Roll / Rockabilly (France)
Flipper Punk-Rock (Etats-Unis)
DFI Trash / Crust / Grind (France)
Born Against Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Molodoi Punk-Rock (France)