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GROUPE : Infectious Grooves Voir les informations sur Infectious Grooves
ALBUM : Mas Borracho
LABEL : Suicidal Records
ANNEE : 08/2000
GENRE : Métal / Death
NOMBRE : 1 disque
Mas Borracho de Infectious Grooves - Métal / Death

Nom des morceaux : 1. Citizen of the Nation 2. Just a Lil Bit 3. Lock It in the Pocket 4. Good for Nothing 5. Borracho 6. Good Times Are out to Get You 7. Wouldn’t You Like to Know 8. Going, Going, Gone 9. 21st Century Surf Odyssey 10. Please Excuse This Funk Up 11. Fill You Up 12. What Goes Up 13. Leave Me Alone 14. Suicidal Tendencies/Su Casa Es Mi Casa (*) 15. My Head -- The Beard (*) 16. No Mercy Fool! /Choosin’ My Own Way of Life (*) 17. Creeper/Rollin’ in the Rain (*) 18. Cyco Miko/Strugglin’ (*)

Infectious Grooves, sortie le 08/2000



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