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GROUPE : Propagandhi Voir les informations sur Propagandhi
ALBUM : Where Quantity is Job #1
LABEL : G7 Welcoming Committee Records
ANNEE : 11/1998
GENRE : Hardcore
NOMBRE : 1 disque
Where Quantity is Job #1 de Propagandhi - Hardcore

Nom des morceaux : 1. Mutual Friend 2. And We Though Nation States Were a Bad Idea 3. Utter Crap Song 4. Oka Everywhere 5. Haillie Does Hebron 6. Homophobes Are Just Mad Cuz They Can’t Get Laid 7. True (Concrete Blonde) 8. Todd’s Incredibly Professional Station Id for 4zzz Brisbane 9. Contest Song 10. Firestorm, My Ass 11. Refusing to Be a Man (Different Studio Version) 12. Resisting Tyrannical Government (Different Studio Version) 13. Laplante Song (Live) 14. Leg Hold Trap (Live) 15. Laplante/Smith Song (Live) 16. White, Proud and Stupid 17. Fine Day 18. Stand up and Be Counted (Venom) 19. Pigs Will Pay (Live) 20. Government Cartoons (Live) 21. Anti-Manifesto (Live) 22. Less Talk, More Rock (Live) 23. Gamble (Lowest of the Low Live) 24. Ska Sucks (Live) 25. Bent (Sudden Impact) 26. Degrassi Junior High Drop Outs 27. Hidden Curriculum 28. Van Lament

Propagandhi, sortie le 11/1998



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