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GROUPE : Toy Dolls Voir les informations sur Toy Dolls
ALBUM : Our Last Album?
LABEL : Secret Records
ANNEE : 11/2004
GENRE : Punk-Rock
NOMBRE : 1 disque
Our Last Album? de Toy Dolls - Punk-Rock

Nom des morceaux : 1. Our Last Intro? 2. Death of Barry the Roofer With Vertigo 3. Cheatin Chick from China 4. Daveys Days 5. No One Knew the Real Emu 6. I Gave My Heart to a Slag Called Sharon from Whitley Bay 7. Jeans Been 8. Rita’s Innocent 9. Shes So Modern 10. Chenky Is a Puff 11. I Caught It from Camilla 12. Our Last Outro? 13. Final Countdown 14. Tony Talks Tripe (*) 15. Yul Bryner Was a Skinhead (*) 16. Thank You To

Toy Dolls, sortie le 11/2004



Amanda Woodward Emo / Screamo (France)
Led Zeppelin Pop / Rock (Royaume-Uni)
Thrashington D.C. Punk-Hardcore (France)
Sling69 Hardcore (France)
D.R.I. Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Witness Pop / Rock (France)
Virus Street Punk / Oï (Etats-Unis)