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GROUPE : Adam West Voir les informations sur Adam West
ALBUM : Five the Hard Way!
LABEL : Fandango Records
ANNEE : 06/1996
GENRE : Punk-Rock
NOMBRE : 1 disque
Five the Hard Way! de Adam West - Punk-Rock

Nom des morceaux : Heavenly - Love Like A Stone - Vehicle - Look Inside - Havoc In My Heart - I Get A Sensation - Her Solution - Little Sister - Oscar The Grouch - Call Your Bluff - October Days - Overboard - Why Is It Dark Today? - Oscar The Grouch

Adam West, sortie le 06/1996



Sonic Youth Noise (Etats-Unis)
The Flaming Pussy Pop / Rock (France)
CIA Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Cold Front Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Better Than A Thousand Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Propagandhi Hardcore (Canada)
Circle Jerks Punk-Rock (Etats-Unis)