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GROUPE : Various Artists Voir les informations sur Zero Boys
ALBUM : The Master Tape and The Master Tapes 2
LABEL : Affirmation Records
ANNEE : 01/1983
GENRE : Compil / Split
NOMBRE : 2 disques
The Master Tape and The Master Tapes 2 - Compiltation/Split

Nom des morceaux : Disc One 1. VIOLENT APATHY "Society Rules" 2. VIOLENT APATHY "Desperation Takes Hold" 3. VIOLENT APATHY "Ignorance is Bliss" 4. MALIGNANT GROWTH "Hopeless" 5. MALIGNANT GROWTH "Killing Time" 6. MALIGNANT GROWTH "Tired of Life" 7. IDIOT SAVANTS "Try and Get Out" 8. IDIOT SAVANTS "School’s Prison" 9. SAND IN THE FACE "Teenage Life" 10. SAND IN THE FACE "I Wanna be Dead" 11. POISON CENTER "Pencil Pusher" 12. POISON CENTER "Typical Chick" 13. SACRED ORDER "Hate Them Okay" 14. SACRED ORDER "I Just Do" 15. NO LABELS "Tortured Thought" 16. NO LABELS "Society’s Problem" 17. FRONT LINE "D.W.I." 18. FRONT LINE "Front Line" 19. END RESULT "Slash" 20. END RESULT "Children Die In Pain" 21. REPELLENTS "Lash Out" 22. REPELLENTS "New Image" 23. REPELLENTS "My Motel" 24. KILLING CHILDREN "Happy Mutants" 25. KILLING CHILDREN "Certain Death" Disc Two 1. THE FETISH "Surf Bandits" 2. THE FETISH "Before Not After" 3. MECHT MENSCH "Killer Klowns" 4. MECHT MENSCH "What D’Ya Feel" 5. GYNECOLOGISTS "Infant Doe" 6. ZERO BOYS "Black Network News" 7. ZERO BOYS "I Need Energy" 8. DELINQUENTS "Blind Patriot" 9. DELINQUENTS "Under Age" 10. DELINQUENTS "Death From Above" 11. TAR BABIES "The Ocean" 12. TAR BABIES "Triplets" 13. WASTED TALENT "Junta Man" 14. WASTED TALENT "Not Anymore" 15. WASTED TALENT "Off to War" 16. ANTI-BODIES "Gun Control" 17. ANTI-BODIES "After Life" 18. ANTI-BODIES "Seeds of Destruction"

Sortie le 01/1983



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