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GROUPE : McLusky Voir les informations sur McLusky
ALBUM : mcluskyism
LABEL : Too Pure
ANNEE : 01/2006
GENRE : Noise
NOMBRE : 3 disques
mcluskyism de McLusky - Noise

Nom des morceaux : Disc One (also the single disc version): 1. Joy 2. Rice Is Nice 3. Whoyouknow 4. Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues 5. To Hell With Good Intentions 6. Alan Is A Cowboy Killer 7. There Ain't No Fool In Ferguson 8. 1956 And All That 9. Undress For Success 10. That Man Will Not Hang 11. She Will Only Bring You Happiness 12. Without MSG I Am Nothing Disc Two (b-sides and rarities): 1. Rock Vs Single Parents 2. Why I Don't Believe In You 3. Balbos Theme 4. Viva Minor Legends 5. Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction 6. Murphy Syndrome 7. Provincial Song 8. Here Comes Joe 9. Love Song For A Mexican (second version) 10. Rope! 11. No Covers 12. Beacon For Pissed Ships 13. The Habit That Kicks Itself 14. Exciting Whistle Ah (demo) 15. Random Celebrity Insult Generator (SBN session) 16. Hymn For New Cars 17. Join The Mevolution 18. The Salt Water Solution 19. The All Encompassing Positive 20. The London Whine Company 21. The Gift Of Slight 22. Dave, Stop Killing Prostitutes Disc Three (unreleased): 1. Love Song For A Mexican 2. Colour March 3. Working From Home 4. Collagen Rock 5. The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not On Fire 6. Reformed Arsonist Seeks Child Bride 7. Be Average To Eachother 8. Cradling 9. Bipolar Bears Take Seattle 10. KKKitchens, What Were You Thinking 11. Lost Consonants 12. Comeuppance Come 13. See Them Smell Them Sign Them 14. Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues (live at ULU) 15. That Man Will Not Hang (live at ULU) 16. 1956 And All That (live at ULU) 17. Falco Vs The Young Canoeist (live at ULU) 18. You Should Be Ashamed, Seamus (live at ULU) 19. Gareth Brown Says (live at ULU) 20. Rice Is Nice (live at ULU) 21. Collagen Rock (live at ULU) 22. To Hell With Good Intentions (live at ULU)

McLusky, sortie le 01/2006



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