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GROUPE : Vitamin X Voir les informations sur Vitamin X
ALBUM : Down The Drain
LABEL : Havoc Records
ANNEE : 01/2002
GENRE : Hardcore
NOMBRE : 1 disque
Down The Drain de Vitamin X - Hardcore

Nom des morceaux : Can’t See You Now/Herida Profunda/You’re Gonna Fall/Riot Squad/Disorder/The Unkown Soldier/Spoil Our Fun/I need Some Space/Blinded By Conformity/Fake Reality/Down the Drain/Piss on You // No Solution/Fight/Something is Wrong/Still Waiting/Waste and Take/Society’s Killing Me/Step on You/50 Channels/I Pused It/What I Do/Rising Stars

Vitamin X, sortie le 01/2002



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