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GROUPE : Battalion Of Saints Voir les informations sur Battalion Of Saints
ALBUM : Second Coming LP
LABEL : Enigma (subdivision de Restless Records)
ANNEE : 01/1984
GENRE : Hardcore
NOMBRE : 1 disque
Second Coming LP de Battalion Of Saints - Hardcore

Nom des morceaux : 1. My Mind's Diseased 2. Animal in Man 3. Right or Wrong 4. Holy Vision 5. Buddies and Pals 6. No More Lies 7. Second Coming 8. Beefmasters 9. Fair Warning 10. Too Much Fun 11. Intercourse 12. Solitary is Fun 13. No Time 14. Doomed World 15. Ace of Spades

Battalion Of Saints, sortie le 01/1984



Avengers Punk-Rock (Etats-Unis)
Tromatized Youth Hardcore (France)
Stiff Little Fingers Punk-Rock (Royaume-Uni)
Jughead's Revenge Punk-Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Angelic Upstarts Street Punk / Oï (Royaume-Uni)
Downfall Hardcore (France)
Verbal Razors Trash / Crust / Grind (France)