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GROUPE : Hüsker Dü Voir les informations sur Hüsker Dü
ALBUM : New Day Rising
ANNEE : 02/1985
GENRE : Punk-Hardcore
NOMBRE : 1 disque
New Day Rising de Hüsker Dü - Punk-Hardcore

Nom des morceaux : 1. New Day Rising 2. Girl who Lives on Heaven Hill 3. I Apologize 4. Folk Lore 5. If I Told You 6. Celebreated Summer 7. Perfect Example 8. Terms of Psychic Warfare 9. 59 Time the Pain 10. Powerline 11. Books About UFOs 12. I Don't Know what You're Talking About 13. How to Skin a Cat 14. Whatcha Drinkin' 15. Plans I Make

Hüsker Dü, sortie le 02/1985



Boogers Pop / Rock (France)
Varukers Punk-Hardcore (Royaume-Uni)
McLusky Noise (Royaume-Uni)
Hatebreed Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Minuteflag Punk-Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Agnostic Front Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
A Bridge To Many Hardcore (France)