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  Punk & Disorderly
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Punk & Disorderly

NOM : Punk & Disorderly
DE : Cherry Red Records
AVEC : Exploited, Toy Dolls, GBH, Business, Vice Squad, Chaos UK...
VOUS AIMEREZ : Dead Kennedys - In God We Trust Inc. - The Lost Tapes - American Hardcore: A Tribal History - La philosophie du punk : Histoire d'une révolte culturelle - Please Kill Me : L'histoire non censurée du punk racontée par ses acteurs - Mort aux Ramones !

Description : British indie label Cherry Red, founded in 1978 at the height of the first wave of punk music, and has collected some of their best and most popular videos. Providing an overview of the punk movement with a look at its icons as well as some of its lesser-known proponents, the lineup includes the Dead Kennedys, Buzzcocks, Exploited, Toy Dolls, GBH, Business, Vice Squad, English Dogs, Chaos UK and more. Also included are unique, rare interview snippets.



Casualties Street Punk / Oï (Etats-Unis)
Doppler Noise (France)
Vandals Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
PKRK Punk-Rock (France)
Shelter Hardcore (Etats-Unis)
Suppose it's War Punk-Hardcore (France)
Insted Hardcore (Etats-Unis)